Cheryl Lynn Daniel What I am, What I am becoming, What I can do for you!

What I am and what I am becoming


I am a married mother of two boys. I am a 2 year survivor of breast cancer. I am a college graduate.

I am a committee member for our local Boy Scout Troop allowing me to work in the local community. I also volunteer with the community youth football program.


I have a BS in Business Adminstration with a Pre-Law Certificate.

I have a BS in Computer Information System with a programming major.

I currently enrolled in a master program in Interaction Design and Information Architecture.


I have 7 years' experience working in law office managing records departments and doing paralegal work.

I have work 12+ years for Thomson Reuters as a tax analyst developing tax software. This work involves interpreting tax law and working with programmers to develop tax software to prepare both paper and electronic return for individual tax returns. It also involves working with user to make the program more user friendly.